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Car hire

Because of the differences in the services offered by the many car-hire companies here, we researched for a good one which abides by what they advertise and we have negotiated special services for our clients from the company we selected.

For example, clients are met in the arrivals hall and taken directly to the car. There is no mini-bus journey to a remote depot and no queue. Clients are on their way in five minutes. Mr. Stuart Bruce and others who hired on the web have told us that they were taken to a depot by mini-bus. It took Mr. Bruce 1.5 hours to get his car and others up to 2.5 hours. They have all said that in hindsight they would have preferred to hire though us. Returning the car could not be more simple. Clients simply leave the car in the departures car park, lock the keys in the boot and proceed direct to check-in.

We are guarantors for the hire and you may pay direct to the hire company later at your convenience or using a credit card by 'phone.

Our selected company's FULL INSURANCE included in the hire cost is full insurance with the exception of the car being driven on rough surfaces or tracks and damage being caused to the engine sump. There are NO EXCESSES. For example, Mr. Daniel Childs booked from another company on the web and paid extra for full insurance. He had a small accident in which fortunately no-one was hurt but the car was damaged and had to be replaced. He was told that his credit card would be debited for excess cover and, before he could take possession of the replacement car he had to pay €300 in cash.

As we are guarantors for the hire, to take advantage of the conditions we have negotiated cars have to be booked through us. We simply need your flight details for both arrival and departure i.e. date, time and flight number. We send you confirmation by e-mail.

Clients may get what initially appears to be a cheaper deal via the web but in the experience of some clients who have not hired through us the less expensive deals become more expensive deals.

We of course get a reward from our car-hire company. Every Christmas we get between two and four bottles of wine which at supermarket prices average €5 per bottle. We have made our agreement with the car-hire company as a service to our clients, not to get rich!

From John & Shelley Evans
Dear David & Anne
We arrived back home yesterday after our two weeks' holiday in Andalucia well refreshed, particularly after our peaceful stay at Casa Rosina. As we drove off around 9.30 am last Saturday morning the light on the mountains was just amazing, everywhere looked so beautiful and we can understand why you love to live there! The heat when we got out of the car at Arcos nearly took our breaths away - a very hot few days there but wonderful open countryside, before heading back towards Malaga via Grazalema and finally one night nr. Alora in yet another valley - all so different.
Thanks to you for "alerting" us to the beauty of Andulucia - but for your advert. we might not have thought of spending a bit of time exploring. Thanks too for organising the car hire - having spoken to others, Sol Auto definitely sounds the best in terms of ease of pick up etc. and the drop off was so easy too.
We hope you found everything OK after we'd gone: the house is really so well equipped & easy to settle into. We shall certainly recommend it to friends.

Said verbally to us during their stay. 'We really appreciated you having arranged the special deal where you stand guarantors for the hire booked through you making payment some four days after we had the car so easy and convenient'.


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