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The area surrounding Casa Rosina has many interesting restaurants and bars, from the small to the not so small, from basic to wonderfully rural and rustic. Travelling around, visitors will find fascinating places and many will be found (as we found) by 'accident'.

In Andalucia, the cuisine is primarily rural Spanish. Fresh meat produce, salads, a magnificent selection of fish, fruits, etc etc.  Visitors will find something to suit all palates and we suggest some restaurants we have found and like.  If people feel like a 'Big Mac' and Northern European dishes, they can be found on the coast but for the more adventurous seeking traditional food prepared and served in a traditional way, the areas away from the coast are best.

In Periana, we recommend VERDUGO, a very typical Spanish restaurant/bar for meals. For drinks, snacks and tapas we recommend BAR MARISQUERIA CARIBE. There are around ten bars in Periana and all have something to commend them.

At Puente don Manuel there is CHIRINGUITO ANTONIO which has a large garden terrace and smaller terraces amongst the trees.

In Trapiche there is an excellent tapas bar/restaurant and at the Trapiche crossroads there is EL CRUCE where at weekends you get what we think is the best steak in this area.  Well done steaks can be asked for a 'cremetario!', medium/medium rare as 'medio', rare as ’poco hecho’ and blue as 'CASI CRUDO' (almost raw).

In Spanish restaurants (except in tourist areas), lunch does not really start until around 13.00hrs at the earliest and dinner around 21.00hrs.

In the coastal areas there are many different restaurant types where the visitor is bound to find something to suit the individual palate. Food is generally available throughout the day.


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